Complete types of Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon with various raw materials and different shapes is widely used for removing odors and purifying waters and drinks.

Activated Carbon Foam

Activated carbon foam with different pore sizes is widely used for eliminating and removing the peculiar odors in the air.

Sandwich Activated Carbon Cloth

Sandwich activated carbon cloth with PP and needle-punched types is widely used for air purification and filtration.

Honeycomb Carbon Filter

Honeycomb carbon filter with plastic, paper and aluminum based structure is widely used in the car filters and other applications.

Pleated Carbon Filter

Pleated carbon filter with various carbon layers, support layers and frames are widely used in the air conditioner to supply fresh air.

Activated carbon filter panel

Activated carbon filter panel has activated carbon foam layer, welded or expanded metal mesh support layer for high air filtering efficiency.

Air Carbon Filter

Air carbon filter with high quality granular activated carbon and unique design is widely used in the hydroponics for odor controlling and air cleaning.

Impregnated Cellulose Carbon Filter Cartridge

Impregnated cellulose carbon filter with multi-layer structure is widely used for water treatment to remove unpleasant taste and odors.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filter with firm and rigid structure is widely used in the air cleaners and car air purifier to block and filter particles in the air.