Air Carbon Filter - Odor Control and Remove

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Air carbon filter is used for air purification and filtration.

Similar to the impregnated cellulose carbon filter, the air carbon filter is another effective filter. It is mainly used for air filtration and purification. It can filter out the particles and remove the unpleasant odors in the air.

The air carbon filter has a packed bed design, which can prevents the untreated air through the filter. Fill the middle layer with the high quality granular activated carbon. When the unpleasant odors and particles pass through the channel, the activated carbon will play a powerful role to absorb and filter the unpleasant odors and particles. Additional, this design can ensure the high efficiency filtering performance, long service life and free maintenance.

The activated carbon in the air carbon filter can be irregular granular and columnar granular activated carbon. They are all have good performance in the air filtration and purification.

Filter material: galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet.
Filler material: granular activated carbon, irregular or column activated carbon.
Outer diameter: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14".
Height: 8", 12", 20", 24", 39", 48" and 50".

Air carbon filter sizes
Item Outer diameter Height CFM
PACF-01 4" 8" 150
PACF-02 4" 12" 200
PACF-03 4" 20" 125
PACF-04 6" 16" 400
PACF-05 6" 24" 550
PACF-06 8" 24" 750
PACF-07 8" 39" 950
PACF-08 10" 24" 850
PACF-09 10" 39" 1400
PACF-10 12" 39" 1700
PACF-11 14" 39" 2100
PACF-12 14" 48" 2500
PACF-13 14" 50" 3800


  • High filtration efficiency. High quality granular activated carbon filler can ensure the high filtering efficiency of the carbon filter.
  • Protect health. The air carbon filter can remove and eliminate the unpleasant odors and particles and protect the health of plants.
  • Sealing. The non-woven fabric bag can prevent the activated carbon granule from entering the exhaust channel and maintain the long service life of the carbon filter.
  • Flange can be supplied to suit more applications and situations.
  • Pre-filter cotton can be supplied for better filtering performance of the carbon filter.
  • Complete specification. We can supply all kinds of air activated carbon filter for you and special specs can be customized.
  • Low maintenance. The air carbon filter need less maintenance. You can take out the activated carbon filler and expose in the sun to improve the filtering ability.
Two air carbon filter and one is covered by the pre-filter cotton.
Pre-filter cotton can improve the high filtering efficiency.
Ten air carbon filters with pre-filter cotton are different in sizes.
We can supply all kinds of air carbon filter with different specs.

The air carbon filter is mainly used for eliminating and removing the unpleasant odors and particles in the air. It is widely used in the grow tent, hydroponics, greenhouse for air cleaning.

The air carbon filter is installed on the top of a hydroponic room with several flowerpot in it.
Air carbon filter is used in the hydroponics to remove unpleasant odors.
Several air carbon filters are installed in the grow tent and several plants in it.
Air carbon filter can remove odors and maintain the healthy growth of plants.

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